Upcoming Sessions

The list below highlights sessions that are open to participation or registration. Ted also works with staff groups or for the members of organizations. Examples of that work are included here. If you know of organizations that would like to discuss work, have them contact Ted at tedbowman71@gmail.com, or by phone at 651-226-7773.

At the present time, most of the work is virtual.

September 22 – MN – NASW 30th Annual Conference – session speaker, “GREAT Grief: Grieving the State of the World”

September 23 – East Side Neighborhood Services Caregiver Series, speaker, “Listening For and Coping With Loss”

September 24 & 25 – Wisconsin Virtual Caregiver Conference speaker, “Ambiguity,  Caregiving and Covid-19”

October 7 – St. Louis County Health and Human Services Conference, speaker, “GREAT Grief: Grieving the State of the World”

October 8 – Lyngblomsten Older Adult Ministry Forum, speaker, “Ambiguous Loss in the Time of Covid”

October 14 – The Gathering (virtual conference related to disabling conditions”, workshop, “Grief and Loss During a Pandemic”

October 22 – Edina Grief Coalition, speaker, “Personal / Professional Insights Following the Death of My Spouse”

October 23 – Crescent Cove Pediatric Care Symposium, host and facilitator, “Making  Moments Count Through Rituals, Relationships, Resources and Resiliency”

October 27 – Zvago SAP Senior Coop, speaker and facilitator, “Coping with Covid-19: 
Personal and Community Strategies for the Months Ahead”

November 5 – Caregiver Group (Coalition and Churches in St. Anthony Park) – 
facilitator for the group

November 6 – Minneapolis Public Schools, staff workshops, “Handing Conflicts 
Cooperatively” for The Sand Creek Group

November 9 – Caregiver Conference for Chippewa Valley area of Wisconsin, speaker, 
“Living with Loss, Healing with Hope”

November 9 – Mental Health Ministry – 2 South Minneapolis Churches, speaker, 
“Loneliness and Mental Health: Paths Toward Well Being”

November 10 and 11 – St. Anthony Park United Church of Christ, speaker and 
facilitator, “Shared Stories of Pandemic Resiliency”

November 11, 12 & 16 – Room and Board staff sessions, speaker and facilitator 
“Supports for Dealing with the Unknown” for The Sand Creek Group.

November 14 – Normandale Center for Healing and Wholeness, Caregiver Education 
Series,speaker “Ambiguous Conditions: Losses, Care Demands & Hope”

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