Upcoming Sessions

Ted facilitates workshops, training sessions, and speaks at conferences. Examples of that work are included here.

If you know of organizations that would like to discuss work, have them contact Ted at tedbowman71@gmail.com, or by phone at 651-226-7773.

At the present time, most of the work is virtual.


June 21 – Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work, workshop “Loss, Grief and Honest Hope: Clinical Work at Times of Persistent Uncertainty”

August 26 – City of Rochester, MN employee session – “Group Think: Merits and Limitations” under the aegis of The Sand Creek Group

August 31 – Saint Paul Schools – Community Education staff session – “Living/Working Well with Persistent Uncertainty”

September 3 – Downtown Coalition for Grief Support, speaker – “”Core Grief Perspectives”

September 14 – Minnesota Death Collaborative, speaker “Ambiguous Losses and Resiliency During Troubling Times”

September 15 – North Suburban Grief Coalition, speaker, “Living with Loss: Understanding Grief Helps”

September 20 – Crescent Cove Pediatric Palliative Care and Children’s Hospice, staff educational day – facilitator “Tender Transitions”

September 21 – Ramsey County Human Resources – staff session “Loss, Grief and Honest Hope: Work and Life at Times of Persistent Uncertainty”

September 22 – North Suburban Grief Coalition, speaker “The Many Emotions of Grieving: Our Own and the Emotions of Others”

September 23 – The Institute of Theological and Interdisciplinary Studies, speaker “Living with Loss/Healing with Hope

September 29 – MN Hospice Palliative Care Conference, breakout speaker “Transformed by Caregivers: Personal/Professional/Bibliotherapeutic Reflections”

October 2 – Crescent Cove Remembrance Day, speaker for remembrance service

October 7 – Saint Edwards Catholic Church, Stephen Ministers, workshop “Caregiver Stress and Burnout”

October 12 – University of Saint Thomas School of Social Work, class session “Loss, Grief, Resilience and Transformation”

October 14 – St. Louis County Health and Human Services Conference, breakout speaker, “The Personal and Professional in Times of Ambiguity and Change”

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