Upcoming Sessions

Ted facilitates workshops, training sessions, and speaks at conferences. Examples of that work are included here.

If you know of organizations that would like to discuss work, have them contact Ted at tedbowman71@gmail.com, or by phone at 651-226-7773.

At the present time, most of the work is virtual.


June 5 – Lapidus Scotland Crossing Thresholds: a 12-hour virtual training for facilitators of reading, writing and storytelling for well-being (one of three leadership team) – last session

June 11 – Wellness in the Woods, speaker for Virtual Peer Support Network, “Resilient Coping: Losses, Joy, and Honest Hope”

June 15 – Ramsey County Human Resources workshop, “Then the World Changed: Finding our Way”

July 1 and August 5 – Caregiver Group (coalition of churches in St. Anthony Park) – facilitator for the group

July 13 – Carver County Human Services Supervisors, workshop, “Handling Conflict Cooperatively”

July 14 – Hennepin County Health Works, workshop, “Support for Living in the Unknown”

August 5 – University of Saint Thomas School of Social Work, guest speaker in class on grief and loss

August 8 – Grace University Lutheran Church, adult education speaker, “Honoring All Losses: Persons, Dreams, and Future Stories”

August 17 – Bethany Rivers, a UK colleague, consultation for facilitation of bereavement group

August 17 – Crescent Cove Pediatric Palliative Care and Children’s Hospice Clinical Leaders – consultation

August 26 – Minneapolis Public Schools Physical and Occupational Therapists, workshop, “Handling Conflict Cooperatively”

September 2 – St. Paul Public Schools – Community Education staff, keynote speaker, “Supports for Living in the Unknown”

September 2 – A Breath of Hope (lung cancer) support group speaker, “ Living With Loss / Healing with Hope”

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