Ted Bowman

Specializing in grief and loss, resiliency promotion, and group leadership

Hope is the belief that one hand reaching to another can eventually touch the moon, allowing the light to guide us through the night.

~ Nick Mazza


Usually on this page, I introduce myself and tell you about my work, but since March 2020, my life and my work have been altered by the Covid-19 pandemic. It began in March with a cascade of cancellations and postponements for bookings, and has continued into the summer and autumn months. It was and still is a time of ambiguity about what is happening and when will greater clarity come.

I have now embraced the learning curve of moving from being an in person presenter/speaker/workshop leader to engaging entirely online. I am now, like many, using virtual technologies for presentations, discussions, and even workshops. Social distancing does not have to mean personal distancing, and while meeting virtually isn’t ideal, it is much better than not meeting at all.

If interested in exploring work with you, your organization or another in your community, contact me at tedbowman71@gmail.com.

I also continue to write, develop materials, and explore with colleagues how to understand and address supportive care in the midst of this pandemic. I would welcome such links with you.


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