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Specializing in Grief and Loss, Resiliency Promotion, and Honest Hope

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2023 – What’s Happening?

Welcome to this web page; I’m glad you clicked this link.

In 2023, I will continue my work of aiding individuals, families and organizations discover and build on their strengths to respond more ably to disruptive changes and the resulting loss and grief.

In recent years, insights about loss, grief and bereavement…insights about resiliency…insights about self and team care….and insights about living with ambiguity have been enhanced, enriched, and extended. I look forward to conversations with you regarding speaking, workshop leadership, consultation, writing, or creative work in your setting or community.

How such work can effectively occur will be part of our conversations. I, like many, am now more comfortable with virtual experiences – their advantages and challenges – even as I embrace more in-person inquiries and bookings.

If interested in exploring work with you, your organization or another in your community, contact me at tedbowman71@gmail.com.

I continue to write, develop materials, and explore with colleagues how to understand and address supportive care. I would welcome such conversations with you.

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